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In The NewsUpdated 6th October 2016th, 2016

HMS Resolution Reunion – September 2016

The following is a Personal view and recollection of the 50th Anniversary Reunion to Barrow in Furness, 15th to 18th September 2016. I agreed to write this ‘personal view’ as the only noncommittee member to attend the first day.

My wife (Ineke) and I arrived on Wednesday 14th September after a tiring drive from the depths of Norfolk and settled in for an early night.

The following day Thursday 15th, Taff had arranged for 20 members to attend a fascinating overview of the building programme of submarines now, via-á-vis the era of when Resolution was built in the open on the slipway; now, a complete section of the submarine is built undercover in a purpose built workshop and then ‘slid’ into the hull section, which is then welded onto the next section of the hull.

The days of a complete boat being launched down a slipway is long gone; along with the dangers that entails. This was presented by BAE Engineering Director Russ Watson. Although BAE was able to accommodate 20 of us, unfortunately only 7 turned up (six of which were Committee Members), and that include the only woman to attend, my wife. A shame really as they laid on a buffet lunch for 20; but we 7 did our best to finish it all off. There then followed a visit to the (as yet) unfinished HMS Resolution Building; only the second building in the whole of BAE to bear the name of a ship; the other being the, HMS Warspite Building.

After the visit around the Resolution Building (which was also fascinating) we were ferried back to the hotel, before a Black Tie Diner at the Abbey House Hotel, for a slap up Dinner with Russ Watson, Jeanette Medati and Ian Lofthouse, all senior officers of BAE. For those not attending this great day out, you missed out big time.

Friday 16th, was official Meet & Greet members and guests as they arrived, where programmes for the rest of the Reunion was presented. The bar area quickly developed into a greeting of old friends (and new), with Billy Dobson selling his wares and at 18:00 (ish) the official AGM started, with the Committee Members giving their respective reports to the members, followed by an Informal Dinner (already paid for as part of the room rate).

Saturday 17th; the morning was left for members to ‘do their own thing’ and at 15:30 two coaches took the members who wished to partake in a Commemoration of the Launch of HMS Resolution at Barrow’s Cenotaph, where Her Majesties Lord Lieutenant for Cumbria, Mrs Claire Hensman; The Mayor of Barrow, Councillor Anita Husband; the Mayoress Miss Lisa Cassley; Mrs Elma Henry, widow of Captain Michael Henry, First Commanding Officer of Resolution and Reverend Matt Hornby and other attending guests where present. A very moving ceremony took place, before we all departed for the hotel, where an Informal Reception was held prior to the Formal Black Tie Dinner at 19:00.

There followed a very fine meal, with speeches by all the official guests (detailed above), after which, ceremonial Submariner’s Dolphins were presented to the ladies. A Raffle of donated gifts took place which raised the magnificent sum of over £400.00, the proceeds to be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Everyone then repaired to the bar, where members once again reminisced the good and not so good times of when they served on HMS Resolution.

Sunday 18th; was departure day for the long drive home.

Conclusions: This is our first attendance at a Reunion of the HMS Resolution Association, but it certainly will not be our last. A very well planned and executed weekend; so our grateful thanks for a terrific weekend must go the main organiser, Taff Kaupa.

There were rumours of possibly having the 2018 reunion at Cape Canaveral to celebrate the first launch of a British Polaris Missile. If so, then put us down to attend. No details as yet of course; but watch this space!

Peter Wilson

Jack Dusty of Resolution (Starboard Crew 10/’66 to 6/’69 and Port Crew 6/’71 to 10/’74) and Repulse (Starboard Crew 4/’79 to 3/’82) Now volunteered to be Newshound for the Association

Welcome to Commander Ray Huntertaking the seat of Vice President on the committee

Prefering to be called Ray, he has joined the committee to work with David Tall, our President, who is in the process of relocating. He will provide his knowledge and guidance to the committee, and will promote the association whenever possible.

Ray served for two periods on Resolution joining as Navigations Officer (NO) and leaving as Executive Officer (XO). Some background can be found here.

We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with him.

Billy's Dit

Billy Dobson put great effort into starting the dit on Reso. Now Miles, Matt, and Terry have added in their own way. But we have come to a time when we need your support. He started at what he calls "the sharp end" - the forend, and we've wondered though to the control room but haven't gone any further.

If anyone could add some details on the missile compartment and aft it would help us complete the project. It doesn't matter how much you write just that you do. So, please send your dits to secretary "at" replacing the "at" with @ of course.

Our Charity of Choice - Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support was the choice following concerns of many ex-crewmates surcumming to this deadly disease.
Donations can be made by logging on to the Forum site then clicking on "Donate". Mention that you wish to donate to Macmillan Cancer Support.


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