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  • 16 Leaving Vickers Shipbuilding, Barrow-in-Furness, 1967
  • 17 OAP Reunion - Stockport
  • 18 Resolution passing through Devenshire Docks, Barrow-in-Furness
  • 19 National Arboretum, Derby Reunion 28 March, 2011
  • 20 Submariners' Memorial, 2012 Reunion
  • 21 Group Photograph, 2010 Reunion
  • 22 Group Photograph, 1st Reunion


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HMS Resolution

This site is to serve the Officers and Ratings of HMS Resolution's crew. The initial idea coming from several ex-crew members making contact after many years out of the service. The site contains a photo gallery and forum for the ex-serving members to post their comments, on both their time within the service and their life since leaving.

HMSm Resolution was commissioned in 1967 and decommissioned in 1994 and is currently laid up in Rosyth Dockyard along with her fellow SSBN sister ships, HMSm Repulse, HMSm Renown and HMSm Revenge until such times as the RN can dispose of them in a suitable way.

HMSm Resolution served her country for 27 years and an educated guess would put potential lifetime crew numbers into thousands, that is the aim of this site, to bring together some of the surviving members, to talk over old times and forge new friendships with a common interest.

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Our Mission

The content of the site is totally down to the members, visit the forum and register an account and your name will be added to the crew, or whether it be a photo or memory you wish to share with us which you can add to the gallery, or were more than happy to oblige by adding it in, you dont have to be a website guru, all we need is you to give us your input and we'll do the rest. Think of this as your portal to have your say, to make contact with lost comrades to spin a ditty or two or just to make new friends.

Please if you have any suggestions or something doesn't work as it should on the website contact me here If you wish to be involved email me as all help is greatly appreciated.

Billy's Dit

Billy Dobson put great effort into starting the dit on Reso. Now Miles, Matt, and Terry have added in their own way. But we have come to a time when we need your support. He started at what he calls "the sharp end" - the forend, and we've wondered though to the control room but haven't gone any further.

If anyone could add some details on the missile compartment and aft it would help us complete the project. It doesn't matter how much you write just that you do. So, please send your dits to secretary "at" replacing the "at" with @ of course.

Our Charity of Choice - Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support was the choice following concerns of many ex-crewmates surcumming to this deadly disease.
Donations can be made by logging on to the Forum site then clicking on "Donate". Mention that you wish to donate to Macmillan Cancer Support.


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