HMS Resolution Committee

David Tall

Captain David Tall OBERoyal Navy


Current Committee position:-    President

Dates on reso:-    Jan 91 – Aug 91

Department worked:-    Whole ship!!!!!

Current working state:-    Retired

Other societies and clubs involved with:-    BRNC Term of 65; DOLPHIN and SM2 Branches of SA; DORSETSHIRE Association

Best bit of advice ever given:-   Never respond to a signalled bollocking immediately – like a steam leak or pipe crack, it will only get worse!!

Best service memory:-    Too many to record. I will however hold the Ship’s Company of the RESO 108 day patrol close to my heart. They were brilliant and a great credit to the Submarine Service and the Royal Navy. I was proud to be the Chairman of the RNFA and be a part of the Devonport Field Gun Teams of 1999 and 2000 If money was no problem I’d ensure every child had an endless supply of books to read.

Person most admired:-    Deceased - Captain James Cook. Living - I also have huge admiration for Lieutenant Pete Reed RN the (double) Olympic Rowing Champion.

Biggest regret:-    Life’s too short for regrets – but I would like to have played one game of football for Plymouth Argyle!!!!!


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