HMS Resolution Committee

Miles Sharp

Alick Miles Sharp"Sharpy"


Present Committee Position:    Chairman

Previous Committee Position:    Deputy Chairman & Newshound

Date served on Resolution (Stbd):    From 9th Jan 1967 to 8th Jan 1969.

Served as:    LREM - Radio and Radar

Currently Living:    Warsaw, Poland

Current working state:    Retired. Previously, MD of First Warsaw Golf & Country Club

Hobbies:    Golf (naturally), Photography & model aircraft build and flying

Best bit of Advice Given:    From my eldest brother "You're only as good as your word"

Best Service Memory:    Probably my first draft as a sprog REM2 to Zebbug Wireless station, Malta in Sept 1961. Basically there were about 20 of us yet we managed to form a football, rugby and cricket team - not forgetting cross country running after being shanghied into it by Fred Seeley! Still wondering how I survived middle and morning watch, shore run to the Blue Grotto all day and back for bar/film the following evening!

Best Recent Surprise:    Hooking up again with my old oppo, Bernard (Mac) McCarter who was outside wrecker on Resolution (now living in France, really???). We had some good runs from Dolphin, Florida and Faslane but his driving left a bit to be desired. We had a 2.4 Mk2 Jag at Dolphin which he just missed killing a policeman on a pushbike, cycling his way to another accident at Lee on Solent when Mac missed the bend, went across the road and redesigned a lamp post and the front of the Jag. Never did find out if he paid for that lamp post! Write off one Jag - although the over drive never did work!

Person most admired: It has to be Sir Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, 3rd Baronet, OBE or Ranulph (Ran) Fiennes as he prefers. Here's a guy that faced many temptations to give up when the going got tough, faced them and succeeded!

Biggest Regret :    Not making it back in time from an international exhibition abroad before my father died. I could have cancelled the trip as I knew he was seriously ill but he told me to go and do my job!


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