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The Constitution(March 2015)

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1. The Association will be known as the HMS Resolution Association, (hereinafter referred to as The Association).

2. The Association's Objectives:

Core Values of HMS Resolution Association

  • To bring together all the crews of HMS Resolution to form an association for the mutual benefit of its members.
  • To promote the Royal Navy Submarine Service and it’s crews past and present.
  • To promote the best traditions of the Submarine Service in general and HMS Resolution in particular.
  • To form an association in friendship and harmony where all member will be afforded mutual respect and dignity.
  • To honour any former shipmates who have died.
  • To honour members and shipmates who attain achievements inside and outside the Submarine Service.
  • To provide charitable aid when called upon.
  • To build an archive of stories, pictures and experiences of crew members so their families in future generations will be able to access and enjoy.

3. The Association 's Members shall elect an Executive Committee, (hereinafter referred to as the Committee), to administer the Association on their behalf.

4. The Association's Committee will be elected by the membership at an Annual General Meetings (AGM) held normally during reunions to manage the operation of the Association. However, should an AGM not be held during a reunion for any reason such as the reunion becomes bi-annual, an electronic AGM shall be held for all full members via TeamSpeak or any other means to which the Committee agree, and shall be promulgated as such to give the membership 30 days notice of the Committee's intention.

The Committee will, if possible, consist of the following members:

  • Chairman
  • Deputy Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Events Manager
  • Magazine Editor (Newshound)
  • Members' Registrar
  • Merchandising Manager (Slops Bosun)
  • Website Manager
  • Welfare Representative
  • Up to 3 Members without Portfolio.

The positions of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Members Registrar shall be held for a tenure of two years. After this time the post holder may seek re-election if desired. The Chairman, Secretary and Members Registrar posts shall be contested on the alternate year to the Deputy Chairman, and Treasurer’s posts.

The Chairman will post on the forums any forthcoming election, advising the membership of application criteria, and allowing no less 3 weeks for any application to be received.

Any member, other than the Chairman, may, through necessity, hold more than one position. For the purpose of holding a vote, that person will, however, have only one vote. In the event of any vote not having a clearly defined outcome, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

The Committee has the power to deal with any matter affecting the Association; that is either in accordance with the Constitution where it deals with the matter to hand or, if not specifically covered by the Constitution, as a committee quorum with discussion and agreement. A committee quorum shall consist of a minimum of three members one of whom must be the Chairman or, as his delegate, the Deputy Chairman.

5. This Constitution may only be altered or amended by way of a vote at a general meeting of the full members; all full members either present or by proxy being allowed an equal vote.

6. General Meetings will be held at the association's reunions or, if necessary, over the internet.

7. Association Membership Categories are:

  • Full membership - Any person who served as crew in HMS Resolution and including those who were attached for training or in ancillary roles such as ship's manager.
  • Associate membership - Any person who, although they did not serve in HMS Resolution or carry out attached duties, nevertheless has a strong association with the submarine. This will include those who built the submarine, the patron, those whose father served in Resolution, and those who have a strong link with the submarine.
    NB: Full and Associate membership will be by way of annual subscription to be paid to the Treasurer in accordance with the rates to be published in the Minutes of the General Meeting.
  • Honorary Membership - Awarded by the Association to any person who it is felt has performed outstanding service to the submarine, its crew, or the Resolution Association. No fee is payable for Honorary Membership and is automatically awarded to any person who currently acts as a Resolution volunteer.
  • Honorary Life Membership - Awarded to the widows or next of kin of those who served in the submarine and who are now deceased. No membership fee payable.

8. The Association 's Finances:

  • The Committee must always be fully aware of any financial commitments made.
  • The Association will maintain a bank account or accounts which will be managed by the Treasurer.
  • The Association's financial year will be opened on June 1st and closed on May 31st.
  • The full statement of accounts shall be made available to the Committee on or before July 1st.
  • An annual financial audit, performed by a committee approved accounting service, shall be overseen by the Deputy Chairman and be signed off by at least one independent member who shall not be part of the Committee. Should a member not be forthcoming within two weeks after the requested audit is published, the Committee reserves the right to allow the Deputy Chairman to approve the account audit by July 16th.
  • The results of the audit shall be made available to the members via the Full Members' area of the Forum by July 16th and shall be presented at the next Annual General Meeting.
  • All drawings or commitments made against the association's financial worth, whether by way of a cheque drawn against the association 's bank account or by any other method, shall be performed by the Treasurer with the approval of the committee sought durng a meeting. If urgent, however, it is acceptable for approval by email of a minimum of two of the following committee members:
    • Chairman
    • Deputy Chairman
    • Secretary
  • Full and Associate membership will be maintained by way of annual subscription to be paid to the Treasurer; this will be in accordance with the rates published in the Minutes of the General Meeting and on the forum.
  • A listing of Full and Associate members shall be transferred to the Members' Registrar as soon after June 1st as is reasonably possible to ensure that all records are current.

9. Dissolution of the Association: In the event of the association being wound up, the following actions shall be taken by the treasure and committee members as required:

  • All merchandise still held will be sold at the best available price.
  • All physical property relating to the service time of the submarine and any crew member thereof, along with the Association Standard, shall be donated to Submarine Museum.
  • Any monies left in the bank account will be distributed as follows:
    • All outstanding charges (e.g. website costs) will be paid.
    • The NMA shall be contacted and a price requested for upkeep of the memorial bench for a period of 10 years.
    • Any remaining monies will be distributed evenly between all service charities that have been supported by the association during its lifetime.

10. Proxy Voting: As the use of the internet is a fundamental part of the existence of the Association, making voting available to all full members, whether attending a reunion or not, is practical and fair. Consequently, each full member will be made aware of proposed votes and will be given the opportunity to vote on equal terms with those who attend a reunion. The following conditions apply:

  • The Chairman:
    • will post a list of voting topics to the Full Members' area of the Association's website (Forum) no less than four weeks (28 days) prior to the AGM and for a period of three weeks (21 days).
    • will issue a blanket e-mail to all members advising them of this posting on the same day as or before this posting.
  • The Member:
    • is responsible to ensure that the e-mail address listed with the association is correct and valid.
    • must be listed as a Full Member of the Association and up-to-date with membership fees prior to casting a vote; this is, also, the case for members attending an AGM.
    • must not be attending the AGM.
    • will be allowed only one (1) proxy vote per topic.
    • must inform the Association Secretary by e-mail a minimum of one week (7 days) prior to the AGM of his proxy vote on each topic at
    • must include with his vote(s), his user name as registered with the association, and his complete service number as issued by the Ministry of Defence.
  • The Topic, e.g. election of committee members:
    • must be defined prior to the AGM in the fashion stated above and must have been posted on the forum in the Full Members' area.
  • The Treasurer:
    • will provide to the Secretary a complete list of full members three weeks (21 days) prior to the AGM thereby officially closing the voting list.
    • will provide Full Members with instructions for using communication software (TeamSpeak) if an online AGM is to be held.
  • The Secretary:
    • will issue an e-mail to each individual Full Member to the address on record with the association providing their name and the question form two weeks (14 days) prior to the AGM.
    • will have the authority to validate all voters for membership status and AGM attendance will discard any proxy vote(s) where the complete service number is not included.
    • may, after the fact, void any proxy vote by a member who does, also, vote at the AGM i.e. voting twice. This would, thereby, cause a re-tabulation of authentic votes.
    • will tabulate all votes by topic and post results of the voting / proxy voting to the forum including user names and votes in order that voters can validate their choice and inclusion.
    • will retain a list of the names of voters, their service numbers and votes cast for a period of not less than three (3) months.
When:Event:Action by:
Day -35: Notice to all Association members on Proxy Voting Chairman
Post of voting topics to the Full Members' Area of the Association's website (The Forum)Chairman
Day -28: Provide list of Full Members to the SecretaryTreasurer
Eligible voters list closed
Day -21: Proxy voting information e-mailed to all Full Members Secretary
Day -21 to -14: Period to submit proxy votesFull members
Day -14: Vote submission closed
Day -7:Vote tabulation with results posted to the Forum Full Members' Area Secretary
Day -7 to 0:Period to resolve issues Full Members
Day 0:Posting of final results to the Forum Full Members' Area Secretary
Day 0:The 2015 AGM 


Acceptance of the Constitution

The Constitution of the Association is agreed to and has been accepted by a Full Members' vote held

by proxy on:March 14rd, 2015
and at the AGM on:March 21st, 2015


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