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Chairman - Miles Sharp
e-mail: chairman at
  -  the primary link between the association, it's members, and the rest of the submarine community

Deputy Chairman - Position Vacant
e-mail: deputy-chairman at
  -  when the Chairman needs support, this is the man

Events Manager - Martin Kaupa (Taff)
e-mail: events-manager at
  -  all matters relating to association get-togethers

Members' Registrar -Richard Berridge (Chuck)
e-mail: memreg at
  -  joining / leaving and everything in between

Newshound - Peter Wilson
e-mail: newshound at
  -  always on the look out for items for our newsletter

Slops Bosun - Billy Dobson
e-mail: merchandising at
  -  takes care of purchasing and sales for the shop

Treasurer - Richard Berridge (Chuck)
e-mail: treasurer at
  -  all matters financial

Website Manager (Forum) - Richard Berridge (Chuck)
e-mail: richard at
  -  the website in general and the members' section including the forum especially

Welfare - Martin Kaupa (Taff)
e-mail: welfare at
  -  all matters relating to the welfare of the crew and their families

Our E-mail Address:

For general matters pertaining to the association, please use -
Website Inquiries

Our Mailing Address:

HMS Resolution Association
c/o 56 Goldcrest,
B77 5NS

Comments, ideas and suggestions to make improvements for everyone's benefit would be welcome.

If you are a past member of HMS Resolution and wish to join then please contact the Members' Registrar at the address above.
We are always happy to hear from any of our crewmates.

If you are searching for someone and you think they were a crew member, again, contact the Members' Registrar giving as much detail as possible. One of our members will be able to assist in your search.

You can see additional information about the committee members on the Committee page.


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